Chef in my Kitchen

{January 9, 2010}   Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you out there.   We’ve had a lovely time during the holidays with lots of snow.

It was snowing and snowing but we had some  shining days as well.  More snow is expected on the ground by the end of the week and the kids have been enjoying the holidays,  making snowmen, building snow castles and having snowball fights all the time.

The other good news that I would love to share with you  is that I am pregnant again.  The whole family is thrilled especially the little one who is anxious to have a new baby sister or brother.

The past three months were not very easy, especially in the mornings but that is behind me now and  I now seem to hungry all the time and keep eating all the time!!

Here is one of those snacks I keep craving all the time:

Three cake flavours:

I  followed  the basic recipe of Stephanie Jaworski from The Joy of Baking and divided it it three equal parts.  One was a pain cake and the other had cocoa and the third some nuts.  All were delicious.


Ivy says:

Happy New Year Lisa. That’s great news and wish you all the best. The cakes sound like a great snack.

How great! Congratulations! Now is the time to indulge! Eat lots of cake and lots of salads!

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